Videos  and Press

                                                                                     Of our involvement with the Witness Stones West Hartford Project 

MLK 2021 - Google Slides.webm

MLK Celebration January 2021 

Witness Stones Project .mov

WH Foundation Grant Summary  2021

WH Human Rights Day 2020 - Google Slides.webm

Human Rights Day  2020

2021 Witness Stones Interviews with Katie McCarthy , KO student, and Gail Crockett

Equity Week Simsbury Public Schools April 2021

Installation Ceremony  June 19th 2021. 

These chapters help tell the story of the West Hartford, Connecticut community from first settlement to the present day. How does the identity of a community grow? Who are the people whose voices have not been heard? And how did the powerful use their voices? Who spoke and worked for equality, democracy, justice, rights and rebellion, all ideals delineated in our Declaration of Independence? Local history gives us a window into how life in a democracy works.