Program 1

Slavery and Freedom in 

the West Division

How does learning about our town's history help to understand throughlines to racial issues today?

How does telling these stories humanize those enslaved here? And how does our study show the systemic dehumanization of people enslaved?

Your unit assignment: Students will produce a project to represent their learning about CT and West Hartford’s role in the institution of slavery.  Students may choose to write essays, create artwork, write poetry, or represent their learning in additional formats to help the community remember its shared past of slavery and freedom. 

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Whitman on Slavery Document.mp4

Listen to  - First Documents 

Use of terms in List of enslaved in Town's records - Google Slides.webm

Listen to -   Words We Use 


Ned - Google Slides.webm

1. Ned


2. Bristow

Story of Simone.webm

3. Simone 

Jude's Story.webm

 4.   Jude


1776 community map.mp4

5. Map of 1776 - UPDATE

Church Final.webm

6.Church - Slavery and Freedom 

Church and Meeting House.mp4

7. Church - Role in the community


Trade and Transportation

9. Trade in Colonial West Division  

Food, Clothing, Shelter

10. Daily Life in Colonial West Division 

The Benefits of Inheritance: The Lord Family.webm

The Lord Family  

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Pounds Sterling to Dollars: Historical Conversion of Currency

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Slave Laws Behavior.mp4

11.Laws on Slavery - Punishments  for Violating Laws

Slave Law Emancipation.mp4

12. Laws on Slavery- Ending the Trade and Gradual Emancipation 

Freedom Seekers 

freedom seekers - Google Slides.webm

14.Explore Freedom Seekers and trafficking advertisements.