Boston and Rose

Stories of disentanglement from slavery to freedom


KO Introduction to Witness Stones

Who decides who has freedom?

How are people of African descent an integral part of the colonial West Division?

Project Ideas for Boston and Rose

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KO Primary Docs for Boston and Rose
Boston and Rose Historian in Residence Lesson

Historian in Residence Lesson

Black Governors Guide
KO Guide Boston and Rose
KO Primary Sources John and London

How has your idea of slavery changed?

How has your idea of freedom changed?

  • What is freedom?

  • How did London , John Anderson and Boston experience freedom?

  • How did enslaved people, in part, define American ideals?

  • How important was being Black Governor to their life and to the Black community?

  • How independent were their actions?

  • What status did the Black Governors have personally and politically?

  • What motivated a person to become Black Governor?